The most commonly searched question on the internet is “who killed President Kennedy?”

The second most common question is “Why is picture framing so expensive?”

Kidding! But seriously, there is a perception that getting something framed is hugely expensive – but that’s a false impression! Framing does NOT have to be expensive. We can almost always come up with a frame design that works, for nearly any budget.

We’ve put together this guide to help you work out what your project might be worth. There are MANY variables in creating a frame design though, so use this as a simple guide, then check in with us to answer your questions and help work out a price – especially if your project is a really tricky or unusual one.

Item / SizeBudget FramingMost people spend…Premium & high-end
A4 frame$35$80 - $120$200+
A3 frame$45$100 - $150$300+
A2 frame$65$120 - $250$500+
A1 frame$90$200 - $350$700+
A0 frame$150$300 - $500$850+
Movie posters$95$150 - $190$300+
University Degree$80$220 - $250$400+
Sport shirt$350$450 - $600$800+
Cricket bat$350$400 - $500$700+
Medals$150$250 - $350$500+
Objects$150$300 - $500$1000+

The above price ranges are based on our years of experience, and completing THOUSANDS of framing projects of every shape and size you can imagine. Have a think about your project, how you want it to look and how you want to feel when you see it on your wall, then use this guide to get an idea of what the price might be.

The frame style, the glass choice, the size of the frame design, the use of mats (those are the cardboardy “surrounds” that go around an artwork inside a frame) – all of these things (and more!) influence the price. Whether it’s decorative art for home, or something that needs Conservation framing – all the variables make it hugely variable when it comes to price.

The very best way to calculate the price of your project though, is to bring us your artwork or item, so we can look at it together and create a design (and a price) without any mystery. There is absolutely no charge and no obligation for this, don’t be shy, come in and hang out and kick around some ideas, then go away to think about what you want to do.