Your precious pictures and artworks and memorabilia all  have a story to tell and a history to share, and deserve to be highlighted in a frame which lets you enjoy them, every single day.

We’re a long-established Auckland picture framer, hand-crafting frames right here in Ellerslie for many many decades.
Our friendly and skilled framing team will work closely with you, listen to your ideas, and offer frame choices that respect your works AND your budget.

Then delivering beyond your expectations, using our vast framing experience and skill, and above all else, our passion for what we do.


“Stretching” is the term we use to describe the process of putting a ‘loose’ or rolled up canvas artwork, onto a wooden frame that the canvas is kind of ‘wrapped around’. We do a lot of canvas stretching – rest assured it’s a lot trickier than it looks! There’s a lot of skill required to get the stretcher frame made to the perfect dimensions, then get good even tension in the finished canvas, so it lays nice and taut with a lovely flat appearance, and no slack areas, creases, or wavy dimply bits. And also not so tight that the canvas begins to tear! Not to mention, the artwork is perfectly aligned on the stretcher, not slightly “off” or on an angle!

Once your canvas is stretched, you can either hang it exactly as it is or, add a conventional frame to it if you’re looking for a more sophisticated design. We can help with all these kinds of ideas.

One really cool style of framing canvases is to mount the stretched canvas in a “tray frame” (also known as a “floater” in the US). The end effect is of the canvas “floating” within the tray frame – it’s very dramatic and super cool. We have dozens of tray frame styles and colours to choose from – they can really take your canvas artwork to the next level.

If you’re away on an exotic holiday and find some cool canvas art to buy, try to make sure there is enough empty blank canvas all around the edge of the artwork, for us to use in the stretching process. A framer typically needs to say 50mm of canvas to wrap around the edge of the stretcher frame. We see a lot of truly incredible canvas art coming back from say Vietnam, but sometimes it’s been quickly knifed off the stretcher it was mounted on in the Saigon gallery or street market, and we have very little or no canvas left to wrap in the stretching process back here. it’s not the end of the world, but avoid this if you can!


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