Conservation Framing

Conservation framing is the expression you might hear, when people are looking to have something very important, rare, old, irreplaceable, or valuable put into a frame design – in a way that does absolutely zero damage to the piece in any way whatsoever.

In short, what conservation framing means is that – in a month or a decade or even longer – you could open the frame up, reverse all of the work done with the artwork, and be left holding the clean, flawless artwork without any sign of it ever having been framed.

Anything can be framed using conservation techniques. From an original painting by a renowned artist, to that incredible birthday card your four year old painstakingly handcrafted for you.

Conservation framing – also sometimes called ‘archival’ framing – requires heaps of acquired knowledge and skill, to choose the appropriate materials and methods to frame whatever the piece in question is, and keep it protected for decades..

We’re highly skilled and experienced in these techniques. Let us know what you have, and we can chat through the ways in which we will approach your project.

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