Framing on a budget

We get it. Framing is a luxury and not everybody has the appetite or budget for ornate handmade Italian picture frames or Museum glass or Conservation grade framing.

Sometimes you just have something epic that you want to look at and enjoy every day, but you don’t want to spend next week’s entire pay cheque getting it up there!

Whether it’s a piece of your kid’s art, a cool old print you found in an op-shop, or a print you ordered on-line – we can get it on your wall looking great, without breaking the bank.

We have great budget style collection and price options for these kinds of framing projects – elegant contemporary box -style frames in white, black, and a natural Ash design, in various sizes to suit pretty much any framing project. All stunning, all contemporary and very much on-trend, and all totally affordable.

Don’t be shy, just get in touch and say you’re framing on a budget, and we’ll know exactly what you mean! Then we’ll find something that works for you.