Cross Stitch & Embroidery

We have many, many regular happy needlework customers who entrust us with their incredible artworks. Some of the pieces we get to see are truly jaw dropping, and probably took many hundreds of hours to complete. Maybe more!

We always treat needlework pieces with the utmost care and love that they deserve. For framing needlework pieces, there are special techniques required “inside” the framing process to ensure the artwork looks its absolute best after all the care and love that was taken to create it, and also at the same time is protected for the very long term future, no matter where it hangs.

Adhesives, glues, permanent fixings – there are all big no-no’s.

We use conservation and archival techniques on all needlework framing we do.

And we can come up with stunning framing designs for your beautiful work too, of course. That goes without saying!

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