Custom framing your artwork, photos, or memorabilia, is right at the core of our business.

Our approach to custom framing is that “there are no rules”. We can be as mild or as wild as you like, with your frame design.

And secondly, we believe that it’s YOUR artwork and frame – not ours! So we’ll give you excellent framing guidance, design advice, and technical advice (such as, how to mount a really unusual object) but ultimately, YOU choose the design! Because after all, it’s you who’s going to enjoy the framed piece on your wall every single day, not us. We make the frame designing process simple and fun! Just pop in with your artwork, or call us first if you just want to get a few ideas and price guides to think about.

We can offer a range of advice and options in your frame project, from conservation grade framing for important and valuable pieces, to more affordable frame options for fun prints and decorative wall art. We can advise on glass – from plain glass to UV blocking glass to the incredible Museum glass options – it all comes down to YOU: your wishes, your style, and your budget.

Aside from frame retail, we also frame for many artists – if you’re an artist get in touch to chat about our artist’s programs and discounts.

Likewise we frame for many amateur and professional photographers – if this is you, get in touch to chat about your requirements, and about our special pricing and options for photographers. We do a lot of photo print-mounting for photographers for exhibitions and competitions (where the photographer only need their print mounted on a foam board, with a nice mat surround – and no frame or glass). We have mounting equipment (such as our vacuum heat press for example), that helps us give you pro-level photo mounting results at prices that will make you smile as well.

We have many happy clients who bring us their incredible cross-stitch and embroidery pieces for framing. These pieces need special techniques to make them look their absolute best – we’re skilled and experienced with embroidery and needlework framing, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat about your piece.

If you’ve got something SUPER urgent – maybe that very last minute birthday or anniversary gift – talk to us about same day framing. Yes it is possible!

Choosing a frame shop is kind of like choosing a hairdresser – it’s actually quite personal! We’re open six days a week, and we have tons of dedicated parking right at our business. So it’s easy for you to get your framed piece in your car when it’s ready – no traipsing up the high street back to your car in the wind and rain with your precious new framed artwork!


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