Glass & Frame Repairs

If you’ve had a mishap with a precious piece falling off the wall or getting damaged in a house-shift or whatever, fear not! We’re here to help.

Broken glass is the most common repair we see. If the frame is intact and the corners look solid and not tweaked open or split in any way, it should be a straightforward job for us to replace the glass for you.

You can call us with a measurement of the glass and we can give you a price idea over the phone.

If you bring a frame in to us for glass repair, be super careful that any broken glass pieces still in the frame, cannot slide around and potentially damage and scratch the actual artwork. This is common and is a real shame when it happens.

When the frame itself is broken in some way, things can get more complex. Ideally we need to see the frame to give you an idea of what’s possible, repair-wise, and what things might cost. You can either bring the frame to us for an in-person chat, or email us some pics that give us an idea of what’s required and what might be possible.

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