High Quality Printing

We can print any of your digital files, or pics on your cellphone, right here in-house.

We use fine art printers and heavy, fine-art level matte papers. We also print on canvas – which for certain images adds a layer of texture and warmth and gives a different feel to the piece on the wall..

If you have something really cool or really special that you’d like printed and on your wall in a frame, we can help. There are basically no size restrictions – modern printing is incredibly versatile and exceptionally high quality.

The main thing to begin with, is make sure your image file is the largest and highest-resolution file you can get your hands on. Some images that have been shared many times between family and friends, have been shrunk in file size, often multiple times. What this means is that, if you have a small file size and want to enlarge the image to something pretty big, it may “pixelate” and start to get really fuzzy. Having a big, high-res file eliminates this issue.

We generally don’t do glossies and “6×4” stuff – there are big-box retailers who specialise in that kind of thing, quite cheaply.

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